This course will teach you to uphold the traditions and preserve the history of Santa Claus while providing you the necessary resources to improve and further define the individual presentation of Santa Claus allowing you to enter the hearts and spread the Christmas spirit to everyone you meet!

Course Curriculum

The History of Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus 00:03:00
Proper Outfit and Use of Make-up 00:07:00
Professional Wig and Beard Maintenance 00:03:00
The Santa Experience 00:08:00
Santa Visit with Children 00:12:00
Santa Poses & Facial Expressions 00:14:00
Santa Sign Language 00:03:00
Reading to the Kids 00:05:00
The Do’s & Don’ts 00:10:00
Health & Exercise 00:15:00
Story Time
Mrs. Claus 00:12:00
The North Pole 00:03:00
Reindeer Facts 00:03:00
Fun Santa Facts 00:06:00
Newest Toys and Gadgets on Wishlists 00:04:00
Santa Quiz 01:00:00
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