Congratulations! You have been chosen to be the star of the show! That’s right! All eyes on you! It is important to understand people from all over town are coming in to see you and take pictures! It is important that you are professional and make their experience special! Any professional mascot performer will tell you that the secret to truly engaging your audience is in performing in a way that is not only appropriate for the character and brand but for your audience as well. In this course will teach you the secrets of becoming a professional mascot performer not limited to: Performance tips, mascot safety, engaging your audience, common mascot gestures, meet and greets, basic character rules to perform as our world known Bunny Mascot and more!

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction
Easter History 00:08:00
Arrival & Clocking In 00:02:00
Uniform & Costume 00:04:00
Mascot Safety 00:05:00
Communication (Never Speak) 00:07:00
Common Mascot Gestures 00:14:00
Basic Character Rules 00:15:00
Uplifting Energy 00:03:00
Posing for Photos 00:02:00
Holding a Child Safely 00:04:00
Bunny Quiz 01:00:00
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