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Our company relies on our ability to recruit, educate, and retain talented people. This is why we invest in each employee by putting them through a detailed training where they are tested and certified to securely handle the duties of the position they work within our company.

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This course will teach you the secrets of becoming a professional mascot performer not limited to: Performance tips, mascot safety, engaging your audience, common mascot gestures, meet and greets, basic character rules to perform as our world known Bunny Mascot and more!

This course will teach you customer service mastery, sales, and the photography skills needed to be successful at Picture Me World. You will learn how to delight your customers using great customer care while capturing high-quality timeless images. The skills obtained in this course are forever valuable!

This course will teach you to uphold the traditions and preserve the history of Santa Claus while providing you the necessary resources to improve and further define the individual presentation of Santa Claus allowing you to enter the hearts and spread the Christmas spirit to everyone you meet!


We focus on providing quality sets, products, and services to guarantee the absolute most prestigious company reputation using the latest equipment, software, and technologies.


We hire and train certified productive employees with the needed skills to be able to reach company goals and objectives.


We develop relationships with our clients through personal customer service and enjoyable experiences, to turn one-time customers into lifetime clients!


We lead with innovative strategies, techniques, and designs that set the trends within our industry.

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