• Group Photos!

    Group Photos!

    Dress up and bring down the group for holiday photos! We have packages suitable for group prints so everyone can leave with a copy of that special moment!

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  • Santa Photos!

    Santa Photos!

    One on one time with Santa is always special! Make sure to write him a letter and give it to him when you see him!

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  • Holiday Kids Crafts

    Holiday Kids Crafts

    PictureMeRHC schedules Holiday Kids Crafts every Saturday from 1pm-3pm during Santa & Easter Bunny Photos operation months!

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  • Magical Set Designs

    Magical Set Designs

    PictureMeRHC focuses on creating a magical experience by offering one of a kind environments and set designs that become a destination location that draw consumers from all around…

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  • Baby Close Ups!

    Baby Close Ups!

    We offer a close up portrait that focuses more on the subject-baby rather than the holiday environment and the subject!  

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  • Special Events

    Special Events

    PictureMeRHC produces special events including, Tree Lighting Ceremonies, Snowday with 50 tons of snow, Breakfast with Santa, Spring Time Fun, & Easter Egg Hunts!

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  • Santa Commercial went Viral!

    Santa Commercial went Viral!

    We are excited to announce our Santa Photos Commercial has went viral with over 150k views!

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